Pl Lag M 2p 1p 0p FP P
1Fjelsted B2200874
2Holsted B30301063
3Slangerup B31021052
4Grindsted B3102962
5Esbjerg B2020742
Pl Lag M 2p 1p 0p FP P
1Holsted B2020702
2Fjelsted B1100432
4Slangerup B1100392
5Esbjerg B000000
6Grindsted B000000
Pl Lag M 2p 1p 0p FP P
1Grindsted B3102962
2Esbjerg B2020742
3Fjelsted B1100442
4Holsted B1010361
5Slangerup B2002660

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